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Goldie + Ace has gone Circular! ⁠

Now, when you – a conscious fashion lover – shop with us, you can add your purchases (including the product images and description) to your AirRobe circular wardrobe. After you’ve loved and worn your pieces, you can resell them back into a circular economy on AirRobe, with one click. It’s that easy!⁠
The Fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow. 85% of clothing purchased ends up in landfill. Airrobe tackles this urgent problem through technological innovation.
The AirRobe solution provides a new way to shop and easily extends the life of your purchases after you've worn and loved them.
When you shop with AirRobe partners such as Goldie+Ace, you are joining the circular fashion movement and transforming one of the worlds most polluting industries to a model of sustainability.

So...How do you get started?

1. Add to AirRobe

When you are on a Goldie+Ace product page and are ready to add to your shopping cart, toggle the AirRobe icon to "on". This will save your purchase (including item descriptions and images) to your private AirRobe account to re-sell later.

2. Re-Sell Later

After you've worn and loved your item, simply log into to list your items for sale on AirRobe's marketplace - in one click. Easy as!
Start your Circular Fashion Journey today!


The G+A Team

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