Barbie™ Polaroid 600 Throwback Camera

$ 229.95 AUD

*film not included*

Two decades after the Barbie Polaroid Camera was first released in 1999, two iconic brands are back together again. This new collaboration pairs a vintage Polaroid camera style with a bold Barbie exterior, based on the graphics and colors of the original Barbie Polaroid Camera from the turn of the millennium.

The camera uses original internals from the 80s and 90s. After returning them to a like-new state, they are insert into newly moulded exterior housings that feature a completely new and original design. This is an instant film camera. It shoots Polaroid 600 film, which is sold separately. The batteries that power the camera are built into each pack of Polaroid film.

Polaroid 600 film can be purchased directly from Polaroid or any film retailer such as DigiDirect or Officeworks