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Coming Home to Country Book

$ 29.95 AUD $ 19.95 AUD
Coming Home to Country Book

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Coming Home to Country Book

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Drawing on the connection we have to the land, Bronwyn Bancroft awakens the senses as she draws us in through vivid description of how the land, in its natural state makes us feel. The art in this picture book brings more depth to the story not only echoing the words but also showing us the land and telling us the stories of the flora, fauna and landscape within. Bronwyn asks us to listen to the orchestra of birds, to feel the crystal clear water, to see the poetry of clouds and watch the rain pour.

Dreams of people past tell us the stories and help us into our future. They teach us to know our country and how to care for it – something we need to know for the future to be maintained

$ 29.95 AUD $ 19.95 AUD
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