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In the spirit of all things 90s and our newest collection 'Playdate' (Coming soon) we've put together our favourite flicks from our childhood. Also! we've got our custom Goldie + Ace popcorn boxes and '3D glasses' for you and the kids to enjoy here


1. Matilda 

Make magic happen with this quintessential 90s movie! 

2. The Parent Trap

We love a faux twin moment! in both matching sets and in a true 90s movie storyline.

3. Fern Gully

The movie that inspired us to help protect and preserve our natural environment! That and "Land of a Thousand Dances" is such a good jam to boogy to! 

4. Madeline

We love our bread, we love each other, but most of all we love the adventures of Madeline! 

5. Casper

The friendly ghost! Christina Ricci's outfits were giving us some serious 90s inspiration. And it wouldn't be a 90s movie list without a special effects moment right?

6. Super Mario Brothers

The Nintendo favourite brought to life in film! what's not to love?

7. The Borrowers

We cant go past the creativity and costume designs in this film! such a good one to re-explore

8. It Takes Two

Could it be a 90s nostalgia list without a Mary-Kate and Ashley moment!? this match maker film is a must. 

9. A Troll in Central Park

Such a beautiful, heartfelt movie! We all have green thumbs to make pretty flowers.

10. Babe

"La, la, la! That'll do pig." Talking animals.. need we say more? 


We hope you're exciting to relive these childhood movies as much as we did! So much inspo was taken from many 90s films to create this new collection and we cannot wait to share it with you all.


Stay Tuned!


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