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Our story

Goldie + Ace has a fresh approach to newborn, baby and toddler fashion. Inspired by retro kids clothes, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia amongst our team's golden years, the 1980s & 1990s.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we like to highlight the place we love to call home. Everything from Galahs, gumtrees to 'G'day!'

We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and all-inclusive in every area of our business and continually share what we learn with our community. Our team, unisex designs, waste-free packaging and collaborators all share the same vision; to create a safe and clean planet for everyone. 
We strive for an honest approach to producing garments that are comfortable, ethically sourced and made with exceptional craftsmanship to last and be loved. 


There is a growing movement away from fast fashion, which has dominated clothing retail for over 30 years, towards a more ethical buy less, wear it more and pass it on approach. Founder Alana comes from a background of textiles, and after having her first child, noticed that for people wanting to embrace this philosophy, it could be quite costly. She launched Goldie + Ace in 2017 with Chris Kontos, from Chris Kontos Creative, and together they embarked on helping customers take a more considered approach to their kids’ clothing purchases with the bonus that it did not cost the earth. 


While the brand has evolved a lot over the last few years the main constant has been to ensure what we create is good quality and that we care for the environment in doing so. We don’t want our garments to end up as landfill, so we educate our customers to mend clothing if it gets a hole in the knee. From the fabric to the workmanship, our aim is to create garments that can withstand the test of time and are cherished along the way.  Our responsible approach is not limited to the clothing, we have a no plastics policy, use compostable mail satchels and thank you cards which can be planted to grow into flowers.


Growing up in Australia in the 80’s and 90’s, we often look back to own our childhood for inspiration. We literally pore over old photo albums and remind ourselves of what we loved wearing when we were young, lead with a few key pieces and then build the collection from there. By delving into our childhoods we have built a brand with a touch of nostalgia from a time when childhood was a lot simpler than it is now. 


Everything in the range is hand painted by talented local Melbourne artists and either screen or digitally printed. We collaborate with a small team in China who hand make everything to ensure nothing is produced in large factories. Our approach means production is slow, but much more personal and we are proud of our products. We love working with our team in China and they love working with us which shows in what they produce. Each piece is made with a lot of care. Our garments are Oeko Tex certified, meaning no harmful substances are used in the production of our clothes including dyes, prints and finishing.


Explore our collections via our Lookbook series via our main menu. 


For any further information + media enquiries please direct your message to Loui  at