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Who said Valentine’s Day was an adults only event, hey? Let's make a love filled lunch box for the little loves in our life! We’ve realised that you can make almost anything heart shaped if you really put your mind to it…and if you own a heart shaped cookie cutter...

We know a good + healthy lunch has a mix of fruit, veggies, dairy, meat (for some) + some grain foods, so we’ve got all of these food categories covered in the heart shape department. All you will need is a knife and/or heart cutters in multiple sizes. 

There’s only a few days until Valentine’s Day so we’ve found a couple of spots you can quickly run to to get some heart cutters in time!

Spotlight Cookie Cutters

Amazon (It will probably arrive to you by Monday!)

House Cookie Cutter Set 

So, let’s get making! 

We’re thinking… Mini Heart Pizzas or Heart Sandwiches?

Mini Heart Pizzas

These look equally as cute as they do delicious! If your mini doesn’t mind a cold pizza, this is the one for you! We’ve got two recipes at the ready for you here, we’ve seen that some people even cut the toppings into little hearts too! How adorable!

Recipe One - 'Mommy Hates Cooking'
Recipe Two - 'Hello Yummy'

Heart Sandwiches 

This one seems pretty self explanatory, cut which ever bread you prefer into a heart shape using your heart cutter or a knife. Then, once you’re happy with the shape, put what ever spread your little ones heart desires. Wrap it up and it’s good to go! 

Or if you have a super sharp heart cutter, maybe you can cut the sandwich into a heart after you have finished making the whole thing.

Here’s a video to help.

 Imagery of Heart Shaped Sandwiches and Pizza


Now onto some snacks, preferably healthy ones. Thank goodness fruit + vegetables are very easy to cut!


Cucumber + Carrot

Find the thickest cucumbers & carrots you can and cut into 0.5cm-1cm thick circle slices. Once you have plenty of circles on your chopping board, use your heart cutter press down into the middle of the circle slice to create your love hearts, you can use both cut outs for the lunchbox by the way! 


+ Strawberries - Instructions here 
+ Watermelon (or any kind of melon really!) - watch here
+ Kiwis could work too! The options are endless...


Strawberry, Carrot, Watermelon and Cucumber cut into love hearts

Dairy + Meat

For those who are not Lactose Intolerant (lucky you) or Vegetarian, we also think cutting up pieces of cheese and cold meats into hearts would be a cute touch. Perhaps both things could be paired with some crackers/dry biscuits as a tummy filling recess snack.


And last, but not least (Because it’s the most delicious)

Heart Shaped Cookies!

This one is really up to you, you could purchase cookie dough or make the cookie dough from scratch. Some people shape the dough into hearts with their hands and some push the dough into large heart cookie cutter and pop it out so its an almost perfect heart.

Here’s some videos and a recipe to help you along the way
Tik Tok One 
Tik Tok Two

 Heart Shaped Choc Chip Cookies


But wait! You can't close the lid yet! This is the perfect opportunity to write a little love note to your favourite little person. 


Okay, now we're finished. Please let us know if you make any of these heart shaped goodies this Valentine's Day, even if its just one, we'd love for you to share it with us! 


Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Goldie + Ace, xx 


We do not own any of the imagery used, all images are found through Pinterest. Main image is shot by Becca.M 

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