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A Re-worn Q+A with Alana


Last week we launched our newest platform, Re-worn. A guilt-free shopping experience that’s good for the planet and your purse. Re-worn allows you to buy and sell gently used and still looking amazing pre-loved Goldie + Ace pieces. 

We thought you may have some questions about Re-worn so Alana sat down and answered a few for you! 

What made you want to create a platform on the Goldie + Ace website for buying and selling pre-loved pieces?

It’s no secret that as a brand we’re really passionate about creating quality garments that can be passed on. So, now having this Re-worn platform felt like the natural progression for the brand as another avenue for our community to be able to onsell their pre-loved pieces.

How long has Re-worn been in the works for? 

Well, not long after we launched around 6 years ago, I was exploring ways that we could be more sustainable as a brand. But I found that, really, the only way to be sustainable is to wear what you already own - and that is impossible with baby clothing because they are continuously growing..

So, we really needed to find a way that helped our community understand that investing in quality clothing isn’t necessarily the most expensive option. We can support them through that journey with our after care resource, a free mending service which has been an amazing initiative that we launched nearly 2 years ago now - where we will mend any Goldie + Ace garment, no matter how old it is, just in an effort to keep in circulation for longer. So now Re-worn really feels like the final piece of that puzzle, it’s just another way in which we can support that circular fashion economy. 

What does Re-worn mean to you?

To me it means, keeping our brand promise, of buying less, wearing it more and passing it on. As a brand we need to practise what we preach and make re-selling simple. 

Do you yourself like buying pre-loved clothing for your children? 

I love buying pre-loved clothing for my children, I have three little kids who now all have bigger wardrobes than me! Obviously clothing is a passion of mine, so finding timeless pieces is something I have been obsessed with for a long time. I really adore timeless pieces like overalls, that can be quite unisex, I also love finding hand-knitted items - I actually have a problem with buying hand-knitted items from etsy for my kids! 

My passion for buying vintage pieces is actually why I felt that it was really important to accept some other brands, mainly like minded high quality international brands and some selected vintage brands. We are unable to accept other Aussie brands at the moment buut that doesn’t mean that wont be the case in future! So, I think Re-worn is a great platform to buy and sell on because it just means we can keep using what we already own and passing it on. 

How often will you be uploading brand-direct pieces? 

We’ll upload brand direct pieces whenever we’ve got any items that have been gently worn from photoshoots or anything like that, pieces that are still in perfect condition to keep in circulation. 

Why should your community use Re-worn instead of other re-selling platforms? What makes Re-worn so special? 

Well, really the main benefit of our community selling their pre-loved quality kid clothes on Re-worn is because on our website we have 1000s of Goldie + Ace customers a day shopping, so it’s already instantly in front of the community -  a community of like minded customers that love quality and also love vintage clothing because thats very much our style. 

Another benefit is that we’re not doing this to make money, this isnt a money making exercise for us. This is really about keeping our brand promise so if the seller chooses to sell for cash there is a 20% commission the goes towards the platform running costs. But the seller can also choose to get 100% store credit, so for us there’s a benefit in that because it keeps the Goldie + Ace life-cylce going. You can choose a credit for your sold item and then buy a new piece so it then continues. It’s really exciting for us and I do think its a win, win - its definitely something that already in the few days since we’ve launched it is taking on a life of its own and evolving.

What is your favourite second-hand piece online right now? 

There is some really exciting past season Goldie + Ace items on re-worn at the moment that I havent seen in years. There is a pair of Sammy Overalls in Ruby Red which sold out really quickly in the season that we brought them out and I hadn’t seen them since. I also did just see this morning a knit sweater that we did a couple of seasons ago that I wish we’d kept one in our archives but we didnt and it’s the only one i’ve seen since. It’s the Cooper Knit Sweater in ivory. They would be two of my faves on their at the moment. Oh actually! There is also a pair of vintage Oshkosh overalls, they have tartan pocket and a tartan turn up. There is some great stuff on there, I have to stop myself from buying it all! 

Do you have anything else you would like to say? 

Yes! I hope that you’re all as excited as we are about Re-worn. This has been a real labour of love and it’s something that I am so excited to be able to share with our community and I can’t wait to see what amazing items start popping up on there. I’ve seen past collection items sell on Facebook for more than what we retailed them for back in the day so I know there is some absolute gold out there!

And I would also really like to thank everybody for their support so far on the platform so, happy selling! 

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