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Like last year, we have decided to opt-out of Black Friday as we want to reiterate our thoughts that this specific sale, has too strong a focus on panic buying and overconsumption. This, in turn, promotes the continuation of fast fashion which has a huge effect on our small business community and our planet. 
We know this festive season can be a stressful time, especially this year in particular, which is why we opted to send our mail subscribers a gift voucher instead. To allow a more considered approach to buying for their loved ones over the holiday period.
Instead, we've sent a gift of thanks to our community for supporting and allowing us to continue to design clothing here in Australia. We produce quality garments that are made with integrity to last and be loved. A gift that comes at such a crucial time for our community after these last two years. 
It’s not about avoiding sales altogether. It’s about thinking about where and what your purchase is doing for your wardrobe and the community
Not only do we look back and reference style from the past, but also the practises and ethos that came with it. Using natural materials and craftsmanship that was made with longevity and versatility in mind.
Buying quality items from small businesses not only keep your clothes lasting longer, but businesses around you thrive and bring you better, more conscious practices and products to enjoy.

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