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If you’re here because you’re having a baby, congratulations!!
It is an exciting and special time in your life and knowing what to pack is an essential part of this preparation. Having a bag packed and ready from about 28 weeks can be helpful just in case.
No.1:  A folder with important documents such as ID’s, insurance cards, hospital documents and paediatrician contact information.
No.2:  A phone charger; perhaps with an extra-long cord.
No.3:  A Bluetooth speaker for some music.
No.4:  A book/magazines like Vogue or Architectural Digest or an iPad/laptop to watch movies on like
No.5: Your (or your families) Favourite snacks! My go-to snacks are carrot sticks and celery with dip or apple with peanut butter; nice and light but hit the taste buds just right.
No.6: A weather appropriate going home outfit for baby in 0000-000. 
No.7: Baby hat and a blanket/swaddle. At G+A we'd recommend our cotton baby wraps. They come in some adorable patterns and are so soft.
No.8:  Nappies (Cloth/disposable – appropriate size/newborn), baby wipes, pacifier’s (give these items their own bag) 
No.9:  Something to wear when you’re giving birth (a short nighty).
No.10:  PJ’s/Comfy clothes to wear at hospital.
No.11:  A nursing bra. You can get these from brands such as Bravado Designs, BONDS and Mama Way.
No.12:  Toiletries; maternity pads, skincare, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, makeup/makeup cleanser, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, brush, deodorant, nipple cream. I would recommend the Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream as a nipple cream. It soothes easy and works great on any other dry area's such as chapped lips.
No.13:  Going home outfit – something super comfortable and loose (You’ll still look several months pregnant – pick something easy for nursing too).
No.14:  Anything else that will help you relax (pictures of loved ones, lavender spray, your favourite tea, a pillow If you would prefer your own.
No.15  Baby capsule or 0-4yr’s car seat.
We hope we were able to help you organise your hospital bag ready for baby. Comment below if you have any other necessities worth sharing!
With Love,
G + A

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