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Whether you're a new Mum or fully formed pro. , dressing your little ones can be a struggle sometimes. There are the tantrums when your little one wants to wear the same sparkly frock every day. To the food, drink or mud that always manages to make a stain right at the start of the day.

We've all been there. But! We've got 5 pointers to help you out. A few timeless tips to get your kids dressed quicker and cuter for at least 3/4's of the day. 

Let's go!
1. THE 60/40 RATIO

Invest in clothes that make a cute statement, while still keeping your little one comfy. So 60% comfort and 40% style. Otherwise, they'll be throwing those more formal pieces off within the hour (#rudie-nudie on the run!)  

Work with styles that allow your little one to climb and play. Items that work with/for you rather than against you.

Our Pro style/practical pick you ask?
The Stevie Vintage Parka of course!
It's the perfect item that covers the 'style meets practical' brief. It's a gorgeous throwback style that has detachable sleeves. Perfect for layering and adjusting to your little one's needs throughout the day.


Get rid of the fuss and the fight.
There are so many casual options for kids that look super stylish.  
And let's be real, athleisure is such a cool trend that baby's love! 

Our in-house pick! 

Track Team Set 

The perfect cute combo that's super comfortable. And adds that effortlessly stylish feeling to your little ones wardrobe. 



Over the years, baby clothes have turned out some pretty awesome pieces. That we as adults rock on the regular.

But, there's something so beautiful about keeping the youthfulness in your baby's style. For example; bright colours, prints and soft textures are something we mightn't opt. for on the daily, but as a kid it's so much fun for them.

Our go-to Bub pick 

Strawberry Patch Bodysuit. 

How gorgeous and fun are bodysuits!?  If we could wear a romper everyday of the week, we totally would! We love how these little numbers turn anyone's frown upside down. 


Prep your little one's closet with layers, layers and more layers!
We adults can rock a frock on a cooler night out. But your little one can't. So it's always wise to pack a few cute and cosy layers with you while on the go. 

Our pick 

G+A Raincoats! 

Beat the rain, keep cosy and layer up in our 100% waterproof raincoats with a super soft  cotton inner lining. There's so much fun to be had in these lightweight raincoats. 



We know you love to be the #celebrityfashionstylist to the stars for your little one. But you'll be surprised at what they can come up with on their own. Maybe inspire your own style, or at least be super entertaining! 

 If you've got toddlers, between the ages of 2 and 4, to keep it easy, let them pick between two options. "Which shirt would you like to wear today? This one or this one?"

If you have a picky dresser, you can try out the same tactic when you're shopping for clothes. Let them choose between a few pre-selected options, depending on their age and comprehension levels.

This is the best way to get what both you, and your little one likes. Plus, great for building confidence and development for your Bub.

Our little one's faves atm. 

Poppy Chenille Knit & 'Ginger' Sammy Cord Overalls
Little Lottie's favourite outfit lately has been our new Poppy chenille knit, paired with the Sammy cord overalls in 'Ginger.' She's always been ahead of the trends, trying out and loving our new stuff. #stylequeen 


Need some Inspo? 

Check out our instagram @goldieandace. We love to share our communities outfit combo's. They're so fun and inspiring! It's a great place to refer to when you want to see how items look styled together in a range of ways across so many cute faces! Since you're curious about our latest range of products, maybe you'll like this cheeky offer.



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