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Goldie + Ace  X  Anna Kövecses


We've got some exciting news to share that will add a touch of whimsy and warmth to your little one's space. Picture this: a collaboration that seamlessly blends the creativity of Goldie + Ace with the enchanting illustrations of the talented Anna Kövecses. It's the collaboration of our dreams, or rather should we say made for your little ones dream.

In true Goldie + Ace fashion (pun absolutely intended), we've crafted three blankets made from 100% pure cotton, with the help from our friends in Portugal (so you know it's good), perfect for both the breezy days of summer and the cozy nights of winter. But the real magic lies in the artwork that adorns these dreamy blanket, thanks to the contemporary minimalism and retro-modern style brought to the table by none other than Anna Kövecses.

Now, let's dive into the delightful chat we had with Anna to get a peek into the mind behind the illustrations that make bedtime a magical experience for our little ones.


Getting to know Anna...

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you into the wonderful world of illustration?

"It has always been my dream to be an artist, and when I became a mama at the young age of 20, I decided to learn it all by myself. At first, I established a career as a graphic designer, specializing in logos and brand identity, and then after a few years I felt the calling of illustration. My daughter was 4 at the time, we lived in a small village in Cyprus, far away from our homeland in Hungary and I had the idea to make a little alphabet book just for her with drawings for each letter of the Hungarian alphabet. The project quickly became popular on the internet and helped me to establish myself as an illustrator. I think people were touched by the energy that resonated from those pages and images.. this book was really a love letter to my little girl."


The Concept and Meaning Behind the Pieces:

How did you come up with the concept for each piece and what do they mean to you?


"These pieces were created in the early years of my illustration career. I love their innocent joyful vibes, I think they capture the feelings of childhood so well: watching the world through curious eyes from the safety of home. In a way, these pieces represent the childhood of my work, and I'm so happy to see them being translated into objects that surround little children and become woven into their bedtimes and childhood memories."


Anna's Favorites:

Do you have a particular favorite among the pieces?


"I love the cat of course! It appeared in my alphabet book for the first time, accompanying the letter "c", as we call kittens "cica". Honestly, I never had a cat in my whole life up until about 3 years ago, so I never really understood the whole mythos surrounding cats and cat people. And then... And then our first cat entered our lives :) He is called Cica, he just lingers around with a grumpy face, ignores us 99% of the time, avoids eye contact completely, and taught me the hard lesson about how to give love and not expect anything in return."


Current Inspirations:

What inspires you at the moment?


"I love watching interviews and documentaries about big famous creatives of the past: Dieter Rams, Tove Jansson, Dick Bruna, Georgia O'Keeffe, Frank Lloyd Wright. I'm just so fascinated by seeing their lives unfold and come full circle, their devotion to art and design, how they fully immersed themselves in their passion and their creativity pulsating through everything they did, everywhere they went. I just feel like a kid watching grown-ups, and then I'm like "Okay, where is my sketchbook? Let's change the world"."


Bedtime Tips for Mums:

As a mum yourself, do you have any bedtime tips for all the mums out there?


"My top bedtime tip is routine. It can be anything: lighting a candle, reading a story, a foot rub, a back rub, a glass of warm milk with a touch of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon, paying gratitude, saying goodnight to the stars, a kiss on the forehead, meditation, an evening walk. These are just examples, you don't have to do them all at once :) The point is to establish a little ritual for bedtimes that is always the same, it remains unchanged. It happens every night and it's so pleasant and safe and so much filled with positive energy that it quickly becomes everyone's favorite part of the day instead of being a nightmare. Just picking a few of the above and doing them religiously every night, while really being present in these moments together sends the message to children that "it's time to sleep" but also "I love you, you are safe and all is well" which makes falling asleep much easier."



Me-Time Essentials:

As a mum what is one thing you could not do without?


"Probably me-time. I'm a single mama so my kids spend 3 days of the week with their dad. These are the days when I prioritize charging up, and I'm taking it very seriously :) My favorite activities are: cooking myself a big dinner after work (steak with potatoes) while watching Two Fat Ladies and/or a Cary Grant movie; deep cleaning the house & dancing to Abba; taking the train, and traveling for 4 hours just to see my best friend for 2 hours. I'm also devoted to Transcendental Meditation, I've been practicing it for 4 years, every day, twice a day and it's completely changed my life. I was suffering from serious burnout when I started and it's helped me to regulate my nervous system, get my sleep back, and let go of stress. It's a game-changer. Throughout the years I had to learn that I have to take care of myself the same way, with the same love and devotion as I take care of my children. I have to give the best to myself so I can give my best to them."



Parenting Mantra:

If you had to choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be?


"I saw this quote on Pinterest about a year ago: "She did her best and God did the rest". There is so much pressure on us mothers these days. We are expected to do it all. By ourselves, without asking for help. To be excellent in all fields of life, to have a tidy house, provide the best education, nutritious meals, and quality time together, but also have a successful career and don't forget the perfect body. And of course, in reality, nobody on the outside really cares, nobody judges us so harshly as we judge ourselves when we face the fact that it's impossible to do it all. And totally unnecessary too. Because while trying frantically to meet the expectations, we miss all those perfectly imperfect moments with our kids, cuddling up on the couch in a messy house, eating boxed pizza, watching a movie laughing together. I learned that the best of life happens when we let go of "perfect" and "should". Being together, looking into each other's eyes is in itself perfection, the rest is just a bonus."


So, there you have it—a sneak peek into the creative mind and heart of Anna Kövecses, the visionary artist behind the Goldie + Ace collaboration. As you wrap your little ones in the warmth of these dreamy blankets, remember that bedtime isn't just a routine; it's an opportunity to create magical moments that last a lifetime. Here's to the dreamers and the cozy nights filled with love, laughter, and enchanting illustrations.

Sweet dreams!


Shop Anna's blankets here and see more of Anna's creative genius here & IG: @annakovecses

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