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For Summer of 2021, Goldie+Ace collaborated with Barbie™ to design an epic throwback collection for our little consumers as a memory of the Barbie™ we knew growing up.
Our design team searched far and wide for a variety of vintage Barbie™ photography that has never before been seen, to print on the new range of high quality athliesure pieces that are effortlessly cool yet super playful to capture the memories from when we were young, to now pass on to our little ones today.
We are so proud to share such an exclusive collection with our loyal Goldie+Ace customers featuring high quality garments that are more than just a piece of cotton with a Barbie™ logo on the front. We chose French Cotton Terry materials and custom dyed all the pieces to ensure our little consumers would look extra cool in their vintage Barbie™ fits with all the accessories to match. 

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