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What should you REALLY be packing in your hospital bag before giving birth? 

We’ve read the blogs, posts + books but what we really wanted to know was what YOU thought. So, we went to our instagram to ask the all important question + thankfully, you were all full of answers. 


Get ready to update that checklist you have!

First I’m going to mention the items I feel may be obvious, but I’m going to pop them here anyway in case you have forgotten. 


- Adult Nappies
- Baby Swaddle/Wraps

- Change of clothes for Mum
- Comfy high-waisted undies
- Drink Bottle
- Movicol 
- Onesies
- Nappies for Baby 
- Nipple Cream
- Pads
- Pyjamas/Nightie for Mum
- Snacks for Mum
- Spare Underwear
- Tens Machine
- Toothbrush



Secondly, we’ll mention the most popular answers as these are now your new MUST HAVES in your hospital bag


- Black "Grandma" Undies
- Blanket for Mum
- Disposable Underwear
- Extra Long Phone Charger
- Fanny Freezers
- Lip Balm
- Peribottle
- Silverettes
- Speaker
- Ural



And last, but not definitely not least; the very interesting answers that may or may not be helpful to someone out there.


- Allens Party Mix (4 people said this!)
Cheese that you have been denied for 3 months
- Essential Oils
- New Nipples
- Salami 


Fingers crossed these answers can help you to pack the perfect birthing bag! We wish you luck if you are currently pregnant or are hoping to be soon. 



The G+A Team

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