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In an era with an array of kids clothing brands promising fashion, function and style, Goldie + Ace want to approach each collection and sale period based on sustainably-minded design.
We are continually pursuing an anti fast-fashion culture where our consumers can take the time to love and cherish Goldie+Ace pieces and pass on when the time comes. 
There comes a time when major sale periods such as the mid-season sale knock on our door steps and we want to participate slowly and carefully. By lengthening out our major sale periods, we hope our consumers can consider their purchases down to what they know they will love and wear which reduces the environmental impact of returns.
Sales can bring joy to consumers (when done wisely), providing them with the chance to purchase high quality items within their budget; however, we always need to consider the cost these quick buying periods bring to the environment.

Tips from the Goldie+Ace team during this sale season:

1. Take your time, find the things you love.
2. Look for quality craftsmanship and materials.
3. Restore, repair and pass on. 


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