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One creative triple threat; Goldie+Ace, Kenny Lover ice creamery and photographer Alexandrena Parker. All  inspired by the past and making moves in the now. 
Capturing the essence of Australian Summer over at our favourite ice creamery Kenny Lover, we feature our endless summer swim collection! Available in 1-6 yrs.



One creative triple threat; Goldie+Ace, Kenny Lover ice creamery and photographer Alexandrena Parker. All  inspired by the past and making moves in the now. 

Goldie+Ace is all about adopting the trends from yesteryear to share childhood memories with the new generation. "There's something in creating memories with your little one dressed in items inspired from your childhood."

Shot on film, Alex captures some of Goldie+Ace's key looks for the season. Vintage Australia life guide bathers, denim washed overalls, and native prints all spark something in the parents among us. Flicking over times spent under the Australian sun. And who could forget the stopover at the local icecreamery? 



Amber hues, plush velvet, deco-inspired tile and fluted timer and textured chandeliers, Kenny Lover is a new take on a cult classic local stopover. Browse the vintage text menu of crunchy battered chips alongside 12 flavours of ice-cream and sorbet. Any order can be jazzed up with a spoonful of Kenny Crunch (salted, candied pepitas) or Kenny Sprinkles (puffed rice tinted with natural colours). The shop also makes spiders using Henry Sugar house sodas, including rhubarb, blood orange and pomegranate cola.




Why do you like working with film? Any challenges to working with film?

I love the process and feeling of slowing down when using film. As a commercial photographer, I have become so used to capturing thousands of digital frames on set to get the perfect shot however when shooting film (particularly medium format) you only have ten chances per roll to get the so-called 'perfect' moment. Suddenly you find yourself carefully considering every little moment, every element within the composition and you only press the shutter when you know it's just right. And in contrast after making all those careful decisions, you don't even know if you really did capture it- whether the exposure was precisely right or whether the sitter had their eyes open at the decisive moment and so you continue to finish the roll of film with only the technical knowledge in your head and the trust in yourself that it looks good. 

The inspiration behind the shoot:

This shoot was inspired by Martin Parr- British Photojournalist' Children Eat Ice Cream on the Seafront', New Brighton, England (from The Last Resort), 1985 image. It's one of my all-time favourite images, and it has helped shape my love for capturing scenes with a strong sense of nostalgia and narrative. When I saw Goldie and Ace's new summer collection with it's 70's colours and classic but retro designs I instantly wanted to capture a story with the clothes paying homage to Parr's incredible image. I had recently come across Kenny Lover ice cream store on Instagram and knew it was the perfect location to capture the shoot. 


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