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We are constantly trying to find new ways to become more planet conscious and to lower our carbon footprint at the office and at home. More than half of the carbon emissions created come from after you take your new garments home. So, we've come up with some super easy ways to wash your little ones clothes in a more eco-friendly way.


"Do I Actually Need to Wash These?"

Only wash as needed. Not only will you save water and detergent, but your clothes will last way longer. Next time you don’t do laundry in a while, you’re not being lazy, you’re just being extra thoughtful! 


For The Spills & Drips

Use spot cleaner. If it’s only dirty in one or two places, use that spot cleaner! You'll have those spots 


Cold Water

When you do the wash, set your washer to “cold” to save energy and help your clothes live a little longer (heat can break fibers down). Also, switching from hot water to cold or warm every four out of five loads would save 864 pounds of CO2 per year². That’s the same as driving 1,000 miles, which is a really long road trip.


Skip the Dryer

A crucial step is to ease your reliance on your dryer. Hang your clothes out to dry and let the wind do its thing. Dry delicates flat, and turn colourful items inside-out to save them from fading. 


A Special Shout-Out To Denim

For denim consider bagging and putting it in the freezer for a day or two–this will kill bacteria and odors, keep your jeans in better shape and is a super chill way to do laundry that the science teacher would love to hear about!

Washing Synthetics

When you machine wash anything made from synthetics (even recycled stuff), it sheds tiny bits of plastic called microfibers, which contribute to plastic pollution of our waterways. Clean up your act by hand washing your stuff in cold water—especially swimwear and activewear.


Use Eco Laundry Products

Last year, the Goldie+Ace office started using ZeroCo; a single-use plastic free company that sends you a set of forever bottles made from ocean, beach and landfill waste (OBL), a set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic and a postage-paid return mailer (envelope) to send back your pouches when you need a refill! Genius! For example, their laundry products contain 

plant-based and planet-friendly laundry liquid that will leave your garb super soft, super clean and smelling super sensational. That's a lot of supers! 




The G+A Team


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