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Moments in Motherhood
with Elvina Farkas

We first met Enzo and his mum Elvina on the set of our AW24 campaign shoot and instantly fell in love with them. As Mother’s Day approaches it’s our privilege to share a little glimpse into their world. 

Elvina, tell us about your journey to motherhood and how it all started.

When I was 17, I volunteered in a program that allowed me to work alongside a school and orphanage based in East Timor; this is where I learned in great detail about the systemic issues associated with kids who sadly age out of the system. I remember so vividly, feeling heavy at their stories of trauma and how these kids never got the opportunities that were afforded to me as a child.

I didn’t grow up believing that I was the mothering type though. To be honest, I was never the girl who cooed over babies or yearned to start a family. But as it turns out, jumping blindly into the deep end teaches you a lot about yourself, and can turn you right into the mothering kind.

Since my leap into motherhood 3 years ago, it’s been an insane whirlwind of events. Enzo was adopted at 4 and a half years old from Ghana in 2022, and since then we’ve lived in 3 countries, undergone a home renovation and birthed his little sister Eniko in 2023.

For the first time since before kids, I’m finally feeling settled and ready to shift focus back on myself and my work within photo and film. It’s been an intense journey filled with immeasurable highs and so many more unforgiving lows, but I’m quickly learning to embrace all this newfound chaos that comes from our family life. 

How do you celebrate all the cultures that make up your family?

Oh gosh, we’re such a mixed bag of cultures and ethnicities in this family! Between us we’re Italian, Australian, Hungarian, Singaporean-Malay and Ghanaian and in our family, we celebrate Roman Catholic and Muslim traditions.
Having lived in Asia for over 10 years we also enjoy a good Chinese New Year feast and of course, we also incorporate lots of Ghanaian flair into our daily life.

What’s your go-to mum uniform?

It tends to be a good neutral basic with denim and a pair of sunglasses for those late nights, early rises. The fun aspects of my outfits come from my collection of vintage coats, jackets and kimonos, and then some stolen hats or beanies from the hubby’s side of the wardrobe.

Enzo, which is your favourite piece from our AW24 Collection and why?

The Rio Jumper! It has all my favourite colours on it! And I also love the Kit Corduroy Pants because they feel nice!

Rio Wave Sweater

Kit Corduroy Pocket Pants


And Enzo, what do you love about your mum?

I love my mum because she feeds me snacks! She also makes my lunch for school.

Elvina, do you have some words of wisdom for other mums?  

Be patient with yourself – which is so much easier said than done. There is so much doubt and a truly metamorphic experience that comes with this role.
I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted before this journey but I find that every day, I’m still growing and evolving, just as much as my children are.

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